Custom Keto Diet Review – Everything You Need to Know Before Buying It

Product Name: Custom Keto Diet Review
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Why is it that many Americans trying to lose weight fail? Why is it that 73% of people who weight loss as their New Year’s resolution given up early? Why do some dieters succeed while others fail yet there are a ton of diet plans out there?

The answer is simple: Most diet plans are general. They aren’t customized for individual users. In this custom keto diet review, we are going to introduce to you an 8-week keto diet plan, tailored according to a person’s goal, fitness, body type, etc.

A good diet plan is one that targets specific areas of your body keeping it in a working mood. That’s exactly what the Custom Keto Diet does. Remember to be consistent though to see great results. If you aren’t a consistent person, or you don’t have determined goals, this keto diet plan is not for you.

Studies have shown that most people who fail when starting a new diet don’t follow a comprehensive plan. But is planning is no easy task, we tell you. The time, effort, and research involved can be tiresome, hectic, and almost impossible.

Thankfully, Rachel Roberts has taken all the hard work out of your hands and prepared this 8-week keto diet plan based on your goals, lifestyle, body type, etc. In simple terms, this keto diet is customized according to one’s goals.

That means you just need to follow the information and advice presented in this diet plan and do what it says.

Sounds good?

Let’s get rolling.

Custom Keto Diet Review- Summary

Benefits of the Custom Keto Diet Plan

Name of Product: Custom Keto Diet

Product Author: Rachel Roberts

Type: Weight loss plan

Availability: Online

Official Website: Click Here

The Custom Keto Diet is based on a diet plan that’s backed by science and is proven to help you lose weight effectively in just 8 weeks.

The keto diet can be used by men and women, of all ages and body types. Ideally, this 8-week diet plan keeps your body ready for long term weight loss goals.

It’s a diet plan compiled with the help of expert chefs, nutritionists, and fitness trainers.

Does it work? What’s included inside the diet plan? Is it a suitable plan for you?

Let’s get answers to these questions below.

What is the 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan?

When it comes to weight loss not all diet plans and weight loss supplements are for everyone. If you have ever tried to use a certain plan that helped a friend to lose weight but you fail to see noticeable results, it’s not your fault.

It’s either the diet plan is not designed for everyone or perhaps it’s not the right one for you. After all, we are all different and unique in our ways. That means what works for another person may either work for you or frustrate you.

The Custom Keto Diet is a customized keto diet plan based on your goals, lifestyle, and body type, and just for you.

Most of the keto diet programs out there are generalized to suit almost everyone not taking into consideration that everyone is unique. That’s why it’s important to bank your support on a customized plan tailored to your individual goals.

The 8-week Custom Keto Diet plan comes with easy to make and follow meals. When you start to use this plan, you will be presented with a questionnaire that will help you in your selection of the meals, eating schedule, etc.

You will also learn how each portion size of a meal can help you achieve your goals. This helps you to stay on track of what you eat.

The digital keto cookbooks contain an abundance of information to help you continue with your weight loss journey after completing the 8-week diet plan.

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What’s Included in the Custom Keto Diet?

Aside from the 8-week custom keto diet plan, here are other essentials inside the Custom Keto Diet:

  • Keto 101 Video and eBook- To help you get started with ease.
  • Customized Keto Diet Plan.
  • Keto Bacon Recipes.
  • Keto Party Snacks.
  • Keto Desserts.
  • Keto Superfood Smoothie Recipes.
  • Etc.

You are going to get access to all the above immediately you get the Custom Keto Diet online.

You can then choose where to keep your diet plan so you can use it whenever you want at any time.

You are also covered with a 60-day money-back policy. If you use the plan and you not happy with the results, you can ask for a refund of your money.

Why Choose the Custom Keto Diet?

As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of diet plans out there that don’t offer any results to their users. Some are based on myths while others are just scams.

Perhaps what sets, the Custom Keto Diet apart from the masses is its unique features and abilities.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose the this keto diet plan:

It speeds up fat burning

Ideally, the key culprit of weight loss is insulin. When insulin levels go up, the body burns less or no fat all.

The Custom Keto Diet keeps your insulin levels low which ultimately increases fat burning.

It’s straightforward

The keto diet is one of the easy and simple to follow plans out there. Everything is well outlined. Every step is detailed so you just need to follow the recipes to prepare your meals.

It kills your cravings for food

Part of the reasons why most diet plans fail people is because they don’t reduce food cravings.

The this weight loss diet program stops you from feeling hungry. This way, the fat inside your body is crushed and converted into energy that keeps you going.

No exercise is required

Listen here; most diet plans will require you to exercise as you go along with your plan.

The keto diet doesn’t require you to work out. The first week of following this keto diet will improve your energy levels significantly hence making you more active. You can choose whether to exercise as you follow the Custom Keto Diet or not and you will still lose weight.

Safe and healthy

The Custom Keto Diet serves two purposes: A healthy diet and a fat loss diet.

If you compare it with your current diet, you will realize that this keto is safer.

Faster results

Ideally, this diet takes hunger out of your body.

Generally, when you are hungry, you will be tempted to eat all sorts of foods that could lead to weight gain. When you start following the this keto diet, you will never feel hungry which ultimately speeds up weight loss.

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Who is the Creator of The 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan?

The 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan is the workings of Rachel Roberts. Rachel is a victim of weight gain. Having struggled with weight gain and having tried several diet plans out there without success, she decided to do enough research to find a weight loss regime that works for everyone. That’s how the this keto diet system was born.

This is an innovative plan specifically designed to help anyone looking to lose weight.

The good thing about Rachel’s diet plan is that you don’t have to wonder what to eat for dinner or the entire day. You also don’t need to worry about the sizes of meals to eat at a go.

The weight loss system lists every detail in an easy-to-follow manner so you don’t get confused.

Here is a sneak peek of what you will learn when you access Rachel’s Custom Keto Diet Plan:

  • Understanding the Ketogenic Diet.
  • Introduction to Keto.
  • What is a keto diet?
  • What you get when you follow the information and advice Rachael shares in her weight loss regime.
  • The role of the ketogenic diet in combating blood pressure.
  • What meals to prepare and eat on a Keto Diet.
  • How the Keto Diet helps in weight loss.
  • Keto recipes, tips, and hacks.

Custom Keto Diet Sections

As mentioned earlier, the Custom Keto Diet program is tailored to your weight loss goals regardless of your body type, lifestyle, etc.

It makes sure you get a satisfying experience as you follow-through the advice shared inside. The good thing about this keto diet is that it’s best for vegetarians and people with allergies.

That being said, here are the two options offered by the Ketogenic Diet.

Section #1- Activity section

The first section includes a few questions to determine your daily activity level. You will need to indicate your activity level: active, average, very active, or extremely active.

Section #2- Food section

The food section requires you to indicate the meals you want to include in your plan. These include beef, bacon, fish, chicken, no meat, and pork.

For vegetarians, the foods included are avocado, mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, and asparagus.

To make your diet plan effective, it’s advised to take at least one type of vegetable. You also have other choices like cheese, cottage cheese, nuts, butter, coconut, and eggs.

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Custom Keto Diet Review- The Cost of the Ketogenic Diet

Surprisingly, albeit being effective is also affordable. It was selling at $97 but Rachel has offered a discount so you can get it at $30.

It’s an effective weight loss regime with close to 4k positive reviews on multiple platforms.

You pay once and you can use the program forever. And did we mention that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you are unsatisfied with the results, you can ask for a refund of your money.

Custom Keto Diet Plan Review


  • Flexibility with foods- You don’t have time to cook at home? Don’t worry; the Custom Keto Diet plan allows you to include fast food from restaurants. You just need to balance so that you don’t take too many calories. Other ketogenic diets don’t offer this opportunity thanks to this diet program.
  • Effective weight loss- Apart from being a weight loss ketogenic diet, the Custom Keto Diet can also help people with diabetes, epilepsy, and cancer.
  • Modifiable- You can modify the diet plan to suit your food preferences or taste. Once you make any adjustments in the members’ area, everything is adjusted according to your needs.
  • Suitable for intermittent fasting as well- If you don’t have the time to schedule three meals per day, the keto diet has got your back.

The plan is adjustable according to your eating schedule. That means that if you want to skip lunch, breakfast, or evening, you have the option to adjust your plan.


  • Keto flu– While this is normal when starting a new keto diet, it’s worth that we mention it to keep you aware. And because many have complained about it, it’s worth mentioning, although it lasts a few days and this happens as your body tries to adjust to the new changes and adopting a new diet.

A few symptoms you are going to notice during the first few days of starting with your Custom Keto Diet include tiredness, constipation, hunger, nausea, headaches, brain fog, and prickliness.

You just need to stay hydrated, get a good night’s sleep during the first days of following your keto diet to lessen the side effects.

Final Word

If you have tried several keto diets without seeing any noticeable results, the 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan is the ultimate option. Unlike other generalized diet plans, this ketogenic diet is customized to meet each person’s needs, weight loss goals based on their lifestyle, body type, and taste preferences.

“It’s easy to follow through and comes with a pocket-friendly price tag. The ready to make plans, straightforward instructions, and a wide range of foods to choose from make this keto diet effective.
– Katie A.

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