Instant Knockout Review: A Revolutionary Fat Burner Supplement for Great Results

Product Name: Instant Knockout
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Are you struggling to lose weight to the point of giving up? That means you have used every type of fat burner supplement but you can’t see any noticeable results? Or you have combined all sorts of diets and exercises yet weight loss remains a dream that doesn’t come true?

Don’t worry.

Usually, losing weight and getting your ideal body can be challenging.

Unfortunately, even though the internet is saturated with information on weight loss, not all that you read on the web is helpful. Besides, most of the fat-burning supplements out there aren’t as effective as they claim.

All hope is not lost though, because, in this Instant Knockout Review, we’re going to introduce to you a revolutionary fat burner supplement that works.

So, if you’re looking to lose weight and achieve your health or fitness goals, then this in-depth Instant Knockout review is for you.

Keep reading to learn more about the fat loss supplement.

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What is Instant Knockout?

What is Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout is a fat burner supplement that contains a combination of 10 all-natural ingredients that work together to boost metabolism, increase your energy levels, and quash your appetite to help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

The fat burning pills were originally manufactured to aid professional boxers and MMA fighters to shred excess belly fat during a fight but are currently available for everyone looking to lose weight.

According to the manufacturer, Instant Knockout works by melting all your stubborn body fat giving you a ripped and sexy body.

The weight loss product is manufactured by Roar Ambition, a UK based company reputable for the manufacture of sports and performance supplements.

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About The Manufacturer

Instant Knockout is manufactured by Roar Ambition, a reputable company with an interest in sports and fitness. The product is manufactured in an FDA approved laboratory and is safe for anyone looking to burn the stubborn fat stored inside the body and achieve a ripped and sexy figure.

Instant Knockout is developed with collaboration from scientists, nutrition experts, and athletes to make sure the ingredients used are effective and high quality.

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How Does Instant Knockout Fat Burner Supplement Work?

Ideally, every human’s body contains a receptor that prompts the body to store fat in the hips, belly, abs, etc. Instant Knockout works by inhibiting the storing of fat in these areas and shreds the stubborn fat.

The 10 ingredients then trigger fat burning in the whole body by burning excess fat into energy used during exercise.

To speed up weight loss, Instant Knockout works in three effective ways which are:

Suppresses appetite

Eating and snacking every time makes your body store fat in different areas.

Typically, to achieve weight loss effectively, you need to take in fewer calories and burn more of them.

The ten natural ingredients contained in the fat burning supplement helps to suppress your appetite hence reducing your urge to eat constantly.

This results in less eating and less stored fat in the body.

Improves the body’s metabolic rate

Metabolism is the chemical process that converts food to energy that’s needed by the body to facilitate the smooth running of other bodily processes.

The greater the metabolism the more fat is burned.

Instant Knockout contains powerful ingredients that improve the metabolism hence increasing the fat burning process even when you’re at rest.

Improves energy levels

Ideally, to perform your every days’ activities, you need enough energy. In fact, energy is needed more during exercise.

As mentioned earlier, the Instant Knockout fat burner supplement contains powerful ingredients that trigger the conversion of stored fat into energy hence your body is supplemented with enough energy.

Who is Instant Knockout Best For?

Originally, Instant Knockout was developed for pro boxers and MMA fighters. However, the product is currently used by both men and women looking to burn fat effectively.

What sets Instant Knockout apart from other fat burning supplements?

Undeniably, there is a ton of fat burner supplements and pills out there that can help you achieve your fat-burning goals. However, not all are as effective as they claim.

Besides, many manufacturers will trick you by lowering the prices yet selling you poor-quality supplements.

Another thing that makes most fat burning supplements is the half-backed research conducted on the ingredients.

An effective fat burner supplement is manufactured with well-researched ingredients.

And that’s exactly what sets Instant Knockout apart from other fat loss supplements.

The product is manufactured with natural and carefully-researched plant-based ingredients that are mixed in FDA and cGMP approved facilities.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

Instant Knockout is also backed by a 90-day money-back policy.

Scientists have been able to identify how the body stores unwanted fat. They have also established the chemicals and processes that make the body to deposit fats in different areas of the body and how to influence them and inhibit fat storage.

Besides, the manufacturer has also discovered certain natural nutrients and minerals that can inhibit or slow down the chemical processes that result in fat storage in the body.

Instant Knockout contains 10 natural ingredients that were carefully selected and proven to improve your metabolism hence increasing your body’s fat consumption.

The ingredients are safe to use and beneficial in many ways.

Being a high-quality and properly-researched fat burner supplement, Instant Knockout works with the help of the following ingredients.

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12

The B-vitamins are helpful when it comes to combating stress and that’s why Roar Ambition added the two vitamins to their fat burner supplement.

Usually, to achieve your weight loss goals, you have to limit your calorie intake and exercise. As a result, you feel stressed.

This is where vitamin B6 becomes helpful.

The two vitamins aid in breaking down proteins into amino acids which are then used by the body.

Perhaps you don’t need to be reminded that protein helps with muscle growth and repair.

Vitamin B12 plays a significant role in the manufacturing of red blood cells as well as maintaining the proper functioning of your neurological system.

Lack of vitamin B12 can lead to fatigue, blurred vision, nerve damage, depression, etc.

Vitamin B6 plays a significant role in the development of the brain and improving the immune response.

B6 also helps with the conversion of carbohydrates molecules into glycogen.


Zinc is a popular ingredient in most supplements and for various reasons.

The metal helps in the improvement of the immune system as well as boosting metabolism.

In muscle building supplements, zinc helps to boost testosterone production.

In Instant Knockout, zinc helps in the conversion of carbohydrates, fat, and proteins into energy, especially during exercise.

 Green Tea Extract

Research has shown that green tea extract has fat-burning effects on the body. This is because of the increase in body temperature when one takes the extract.

What’s more, green tea extract also triggers the liver and muscle to use more fatty acids which is exactly what’s needed when it comes to putting the calorie count low.


Glucomannan extract is obtained in Asia from the konjac plant. Unlike other ingredients with fat-burning properties, glucomannan supplements the body with dietary fiber hence suppressing your appetite.

Generally, fiber makes your stomach feel full so you don’t feel the need to eat. That’s the reason why this ingredient is added to Instant Knockout.

What’s more, glucomannan is also said to help with decreasing fat and cholesterol levels.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Usually, caffeine is taken by all-nighters to keep them awake and alert.

The addition of caffeine anhydrous to Instant Knockout is meant to intensify fat absorption and boost metabolism hence speeding up fat-burning.

The ingredient also improves energy and rouses your nervous system.

Typically, what sets apart this ingredient from the normal caffeine is the anhydrous compound.

It’s easy to overdose the substance which can be dangerous.

Thankfully, its addition to Instant Knockout helps to rest you assured you will not overdose the substance.

The manufacturer adds optimum amounts of the compound to make it effective and safe for consumption by anyone.

Green Coffee Bean

Generally, green coffee bean’s addition to Instant Knockout is due to the chlorogenic acid compound it contains that aids in fat burning.

Typically, the chlorogenic acid compound moderates the absorption of glucose so the body doesn’t depend on glucose as the source of energy but uses the fat stored in various parts.

So you can see the connection of green coffee bean with fat burning.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper seeds contain a natural chemical compound known as capsaicin that triggers the discharge of fat from fat reserves.

Scientists have also found that the compound can help to encourage thermogenesis.

Generally, thermogenesis is a process by which the body produces more heat hence speeding up chemical reactions. This results in the conversion of fat into energy which is the reason Roar Ambition added cayenne pepper seeds to their fat burner supplement.


Piperine is obtained from black pepper and has thermogenic effects- thermogenic improves metabolism by increasing the temperature in the body.

What’s more, piperine is also said to boost energy which is why it’s added to most popular bodybuilding supplements.

Piperine is also used to treat digestive problems, constipation, and diarrhea.

GTF Chromium

GTF is the short form for glucose tolerant factor and the addition of this ingredient to Instant Knockout is to aid in the regulation of the breaking down of carbohydrates.

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How to Take Instant Knockout

Each Instant Knockout bottle contains 120 fat burning pills of 500mg each.

The manufacturer recommends taking 4 capsules per day making sure you spread them out by approximately 3 hours.

You should consider taking it when hungry.

For instance, it is recommended to take one capsule immediately you get up in the morning (before 8:00 am), another one before lunch (around 11:00 am), in the afternoon (around 2:00 pm), and the last capsule before you eat dinner (around 5:00 pm).

Since the fat burner supplement contains caffeine, you’re advised to avoid taking it with other supplements with stimulants.

People with existing medical conditions are also advised to consult with their doctors before taking the supplement.

It shouldn’t be taken by anyone under the age of 18 years as well.

Should It Be Taken By Women?

Women who are looking to lose weight will find the Instant Knockout supplement helpful as well.

Most of the fat burner ingredients have fat-burning properties which is why it’s an effective weight loss supplement as well.

Breastfeeding and pregnant women shouldn’t take the supplement though as it contains caffeine.

Instant Knockout Precautions

Anyone taking Instant Knockout is advised not to take more than 4 capsules a day. The manufacturer also recommends taking it with water and not stacking it with other products that contain stimulants.

It shouldn’t also be taken by nursing mothers as well.

Any Instant Knockout Side Effects?

Ideally, fat burners are known to cause stomach upset but thankfully, Instant Knockout is made with natural ingredients so the effects are not that severe.

Generally, when you start taking the supplement, you can expect to feel the following side effects:

Headaches. This is caused by the caffeine compound. Most people who aren’t used to caffeine could get headaches. You can start with a reduced amount of pills per day then slowly add them to four as you get used to it.

Stomach upset. When taken on an empty stomach, you may start to feel mild stomach upset. You can try to halve the dosage for some time before you add them to four per day.

Sleeplessness. Instant Knockout contains the caffeine anhydrous, a natural stimulant that could lead to difficulty falling asleep. To avoid this, try to take two capsules before lunchtime to avoid taking it before bedtime.

Where to buy instant the fat burner supplement and how much does it cost?

You can order Instant Knockout directly from the official website of the manufacturer:

The fat loss supplement is available in three packages as follows:

Ultimate Shredding Stack

Ultimate Shredding Stack- Instant Knockout package

The package contains 3 bottles plus 1 FREE and costs $185.00

2 Months Supply

Instant Knockout 2 Months Supply package

This packaging option contains 2 bottles at a cost of $118.00

1 Month Supply

Instant Knockout 1 Month Supply package

The one month supply package contains 1 bottle for $59.00

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Is Instant Knockout Worth The Money?

Instant Knockout is not some magic pill that you can expect to miraculously burn your fat while you’re sited.

To get the best results, you need to exercise and eat well as you continue taking the supplement.

So, yes, the fat burner supplement is worth the investment but you also need to dedicate your time and effort in the process to speed up the results.

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