Prime Male Review: Testosterone Booster Supplement That Works

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Every testosterone booster supplement out there claims to provide great results. Nevertheless, studies have shown that the number of testosterone boosters backed by data and scientific research is less than 25%.

Besides, many T- boosters are said to have certain ingredients in high doses than required.

In this Prime Male review, we’re going to introduce to you a powerful testosterone booster supplement that works.

Are you worried that your lean muscle mass growth is declining and libido levels are going down?

Don’t worry.

This in-depth review is going to reveal to you everything you wanted to know before buying the product. You’re going to learn about how to use the natural T booster pills, the benefits you will get from using the product, the ingredients it contains, side effects, prices, and where to buy it.

Keep reading to learn more.


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What Is Prime Male?

If you Google “best supplements to boost testosterone levels” out of the results you get at the top pages of Google is Prime Male and TestoFuel.

Now, if you’re looking to build strong muscles, the latter would be the best option for you.

But in this case, let’s take a look at the former.

Prime Male is a revolutionary testosterone booster supplement that contains 12 all-natural ingredients that are backed by scientific research, tested, and proven to boost testosterone production and lean muscle mass.

The product is manufactured by a UK based company. It’s safe for bodybuilders and non-gym goers.

For bodybuilding purposes, Prime Male helps to build stronger lean muscles.

What’s more, the product uses a scientific driven natural formula to torn down excess fat from your body.

The testosterone booster contains the following twelve 100%-natural ingredients which we will take a closer look at each one of them later in this detailed review:

  • Vitamin B6.
  • Zinc.
  • D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate.
  • Korean Red Ginseng.
  • Magnesium.
  • Boron.
  • Vitamin K2.
  • BioPerine.
  • Vitamin D3.
  • Luteolin.
  • Nettle Root.
  • Mucuna Pruriens.

How Testosterone Production Affects Men

Testosterone levels affect men in various ways. When testosterone production declines, men start to experience various problems such as hair loss, lack of concentration, a decline in lean muscle growth, etc.

In fact, testosterone levels are very important for bodybuilders.

Unfortunately, as one gets older, the testosterone production starts to decline.

That’s why it’s important to use safe testosterone boosters that improve the production of the essential substance.

Who is Prime Male Suitable For?

This product is suitable for men over 30 years who want to increase their sex drive, improve energy, and return to youthful levels.

The product is also suitable for people with uncontrolled blood sugar levels, mood swings, heart diseases, and weak bones.

How Prime Male Testosterone Booster Supplement Works?

How Prime Male Testosterone Booster Supplement Works

Prime Male works by simply activating the organs(testes, ovaries, and adrenal glands) responsible for mass production of testosterone.

This is made possible by the natural ingredients that form Prime Male that are obtained naturally from Mother Nature. That’s why the product contains little or no side effects.

The ingredients are properly selected and tested to make sure they work effectively to correct any abnormalities during the testosterone production.

When the testosterone levels go up, your body starts to gain more strength as your energy levels will also go up hence boosting your libido and bedroom performance.

Other elements of your body will also feel the impact of improved testosterone levels as well.

For instance, your skin and hairs will start to shine.

That said; let’s take a look at why you should use Prime Male.

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Why Use Prime Male?

Prime Male claims to provide great results, but why should you bother to use it?

Well, here are some of the reasons you should order the testosterone booster supplement today.

Improves libido

Testosterone levels affect your sex drive. When the production of testosterone goes down, your libido suffers. This affects your sexual life. So, you can’t function as a full man. Prime Male uses a natural formula to boost testosterone production so you can give your woman screaming orgasms.

Weight loss

Low testosterone levels lead to unwanted weight gain. While you may opt for steroids to improve testosterone production and muscle gain, the side effects associated with them aren’t something you want to encounter. Prime Male uses natural ingredients to help you lose excess body weight more efficiently and safer.

Improves mood and energy

Typically, Prime Male helps to make sure the important hormones in men are produced as required. The higher the testosterone levels the better the mood and energy you will experience.

Increased T levels

This is where Prime Male shows of its mighty powers. Most of the ingredients mentioned above work by inhibiting SHBG and aromatase while improving androgen receptors to increase testosterone production.

Improved heart health

It improves heart health indirectly by boosting testosterone levels which lowers blood pressure and increases healthy HDL cholesterol.

Improves cognitive function

Studies suggest that a decline in serum testosterone affects cognitive function. Serum testosterone could decline as one starts to get older or due to some ailments. Prime Male works to increase testosterone and ultimately improve cognitive function.

Blood sugar management

Low testosterone levels make your body resistant to insulin which makes you vulnerable to Type 2 diabetes. Prime Male increases testosterone levels and makes the body to consume blood sugar in response to insulin.

Improves lean muscle mass

When you go to the gym, you expect to see great results. You expect to see improved body composition.

Unfortunately, you can’t achieve this by just working out or gyming.

Some of the ingredients stimulate growth hormone which increases muscle mass growth during resistance training.

With that, let’s get deep into the ingredients used in Prime Male.

Testosterone Booster Ingredients

Most testosterone booster supplements claim to contain natural and effective ingredients but Prime Male outshines them all. That’s why it’s ranked #1 testosterone booster supplement worldwide.

Here are the powerful ingredients in Prime Male.

Vitamin B6

B vitamins are essential for overall wellbeing and B6 great when it comes to the production of male sex hormones.

Vitamin B6 stimulates androgen receptors to trigger your testes to drive testosterone into your blood stream.

This helps to improve libido and mood.

What’s more, vitamin B6 improves the absorption of zinc and magnesium which ultimately increases testosterone production.


Zinc is an important metal that stimulates the pituitary glands to release the luteinizing hormone responsible for stimulating testosterone levels in the testes.

In a study, 9 elderly men who had low zinc levels were given more of the metal for 6 months and this led to an increase in serum testosterone levels.

Zinc levels were also reduced for 4 men aged between 27 and 28 and within 20 weeks, their testosterone production went down by close to 73%.

This shows how zinc is important in increasing serum testosterone levels when supplemented.

Unfortunately, zinc isn’t produced naturally by your body, so you need to supplement your body with this essential mineral and that’s why it’s added to Prime Male.

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate

This is the powerful Prime Male ingredient of all.

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate, also known as D-AA is an amino acid and neurotransmitter that stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone which triggers your testes to drive more testosterone to your blood stream.

23 men aged between 27 and 37 were given 3 grams of D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate for 12 days and their testosterone levels were increased by almost 42%.

This ingredient is also soluble in water, so you don’t have to worry about experiencing stomach upsets.

Korean Red Ginseng

For many years, Korean red ginseng has been used as an immune booster and for improved energy by the Asians.

Ideally, the addition of this ingredient to the Prime Male testosterone booster supplement is to decrease stress.

Remember that stress triggers the release of cortisol, a hormone that decreases testosterone production. Korean Red Ginseng works as an anti-stress ingredient to keep testosterone production high at all times.


Magnesium in plants helps with photosynthesis. The addition of this mineral to Prime Male is to help neutralize the sex hormone-binding globulin- SHBG.

Usually, SHBG is a hormone that makes testosterone useless so your body cannot get the most out of it.

Magnesium helps to decrease SHBG levels and increases testosterone production hence improving sexual health.

This supplement uses the high-quality magnesium citrate that’s easy to absorb.


Boron plays a huge role in your body. Similar to magnesium, this ingredient neutralizes the anti-testosterone compound that prevents your body from using testosterone effectively.

It contains boron amino acid chelate which is easy to absorb.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 improves the production of testosterone by boosting vitamin D3.

In a study, several men with Vitamin K deficiency were found to have a decline in androgen synthesis.

Adding this vitamin helps to increase androgen synthesis which ultimately increases serum testosterone production.


BioPerine is added to many dietary supplements out there as it increases the bioavailability of other ingredients 10 times. Its addition to PrimeMale is to help you look younger every day.

Vitamin D3

Even though vitamin D is available free from the sun, it’s not sufficient. Prime Male gives you enough vitamin D3.

In a study, men with higher levels of vitamin D3 were found to have higher testosterone levels than those without.


Luteolin is anti-estrogenic. The ingredient blocks the production of too much estrogen. The ingredient also triggers androgen receptors that stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone.

Nettle Root

Research suggests that nettle root may block sex hormone-binding globulin that prevents the body from getting the most out of testosterone. This increases the production of testosterone in your body.

Besides, nettle root is also said to prevent the production of the girly hormone which ultimately increases serum testosterone production.

Mucuna Pruriens

The ingredient works by binding prolactin and estrogen and triggers the testes to produce more testosterone.

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How to Use Prime Male

The recommended dosage is four capsules per day with a meal or snack.

Make sure you take the testosterone pills in intervals of 3 hours. For better results, take the pills consistently as recommended.

Are There Any Side Effects

The product is safe for use by anyone; however, some users have reported complaints such as diarrhea, mild headaches, stomach upsets, and mood swings especially during the first days of taking the pills.

What Are the Prime Male Results?

Studies have shown that testosterone levels in men start to go down at age 30, and after there, the levels start to go down by 1% every year.

Prime Male ingredients, especially D-Aspartic Acid is said to increase testosterone production by almost 42% in just 12 days.

Generally, different people will notice different results when using Prime Male as seen on many Prime Male reviews and comments.

For optimal results, the manufacturer recommends taking the testosterone booster supplement for 90 days every day.

Where Can You Buy Prime Male

You can only buy Prime Male from their official website here-

The reason why the company makes the product only available from its official company website is to prevent customers from getting scammed. When you order it directly from the manufacturer’s website, you buy a genuine product.

How Much Does Prime Male Cost?

It is sold in different packages as follows:

6 Month Supply- $276 + 2 Free Bottles.

4 Month Supply- $207.

2 Month Supply- $138.

1 Month Supply- $69.

The product is also backed by a risk-free 90-day money-back guarantee, although you will have to ship the product back to the manufacturer at your own cost.

Prime Male vs TestoFuel

Typically, Prime Male and TestoFuel are two powerful testosterone boosters that use scientific driven formulas to increase strength, boost testosterone production, shed excess body fat, etc.

The good thing is that the two are available online and at affordable prices.

Prime Male Review: Final Word

Undeniably, Prime Male is the ultimate testosterone booster supplement out there.

If you’re looking to increase your sex drive, boost muscle growth, improve mood, and cognitive function then we recommend this supplement for you.

The product contains 12 all-natural ingredients that are powerful, effective, and safe.

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