Sonus Complete Review – How To Stop The Annoying Constant Buzzing Sounds In Your Ears (Tinnitus) Naturally

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Welcome to our honest and unbiased Sonus Complete Review where we talk about an organic solution that help with tinnitus relief.

Are you (or your loved one) hearing that constant buzzing sounds in your ears that no one can hear? If so, then that’s an indication that you have tinnitus.

According to the American Tinnitus Association, nearly 50 million Americans experience this condition. The same study suggests that close to 16 million of those with tinnitus have severe symptoms that need to be treated with immediate effect.

Those buzzing sounds can be disturbing. They can be scary and can make you lose sleep.

Unfortunately, even scientists are yet to find out the effective medication for tinnitus.

All hope is not lost though because, in this Sonus Complete review, you’re going to read about a dietary supplement created by Gregory Peters of the MENSA society known as Sonus Complete that claims to help people with tinnitus.

The supplement claims to be 100% natural and has no side effects.

But is Sonus Complete worth your money? Can it help to treat and eliminate tinnitus symptoms?

Read the whole review to find out more about Sonus Complete before you buy it.

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If you’d like to find out more about the dietary supplement, keep reading.

What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus, also pronounced as ti-nə-təs or tə-nī-təs is the constant bustling of sounds in your head that no one else can hear but you alone.

Typically, tinnitus is a symptom of an existing condition like hearing loss, nervous system ailment, or ear injury.

Tinnitus can worsen as one ages out but can be treated.

Part of the reason why most scientific medications aren’t effective when it comes to the treatment of tinnitus and elimination of the symptoms is that they don’t tackle the root cause. Most of the available medications mask the noise.

The manufacturers of Sonus Complete claim that the dietary supplement tackles the root cause of tinnitus. How true could this be?

Continue reading as we talk about Sonus Complete to learn more.

What are the Symptoms of Tinnitus?

Some of the symptoms of tinnitus include constant ringing, buzzing, and hissing, humming, roaring, or clicking sounds in your ears.

The sounds can be as loud or as low or you may hear it on one ear or both.

What are the Causes of Tinnitus?

Researchers are yet to find the cause of tinnitus but some studies suggest that exposure to loud noise, age, earwax blockage, or ear bone changes can cause these symptoms.

Head or neck injuries, muscle spasms in the inner ear, or temporomandibular joint disorders are also said to be other causes of tinnitus.

Also, some medications such as quinine that is used for treating malaria, antibiotics like neomycin, erythromycin, polymyxin, and cancer medications such as cisplatin, and Trexall are said to cause tinnitus as well.

Tinnitus Complications

Different people will have different tinnitus complications.

Some of the complications people with tinnitus experience include sleep disorders, depression, stress, anxiety, trouble concentrating, fatigue, etc.

Not that dealing with these conditions won’t treat tinnitus but will help you feel better.

What Is The Most Effective Treatment For Tinnitus?

The most effective treatment for tinnitus will treat the root cause of the symptoms.

Some studies recommend wearing hearing aids but this can only mask tinnitus instead of treating it.

That’s where Sonus Complete comes in.

The product claims to treat the underlying cause of tinnitus so let’s find out whether this is true or it’s just hype.

Sonus Complete Review- Overview of the Product

Sonus Complete is a 100%-natural dietary supplement created by Gregory Peters for helping people who have tinnitus.

The supplement doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients; which is why it’s 100-safe for consumption for people with constant buzzing sounds in their ears.

The product tackles the root cause of the symptoms of tinnitus.

The product is based on a lot of research which has established why most over-the-counter drugs aren’t effective when it comes to treating tinnitus.

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As per the research that led to the manufacture of this supplement, tinnitus is a symptom caused by declining cognitive performance contrary to what some researchers have been associating it with ear damage.

So Sonus Complete treats the symptoms by boosting your cognitive health.

You don’t need to do anything but to take the supplement as recommended.

Ideally, you are required to take the supplement daily with water.

Generally, Sonus Complete is created to help with tinnitus relief for people who have been suffering from the condition for a long time.

So if you started suffering from tinnitus just the other day especially if the symptoms are related to meningitis, this supplement might not help you. It would be advisable to get medical attention.

This all-natural solution for tinnitus is for people who have been suffering from the symptoms for a long time and have used all other means to eradicate the symptoms without getting any relief.

About the Creator of Sonus Complete

This Sonus Complete review establishes that the supplement is created by Gregory Peters based on his 10 years of research.

Peters is also a victim of tinnitus for many years and he came across this supplement after trying a ton of medications without getting any help.

Peters is a member of MENSA society, a renowned IQ organization.

The product is created with handpicked organic ingredients.

From his research, Peters found out that lack of Vitamin B12 and zinc could be the major cause of tinnitus.

From the testimonials on the company’s website, undoubtedly, the supplement can give you fast results as long as you take it as recommended.

The ingredients used in this supplement are also helpful when it comes to improving your nervous system, repairing cell damage hence helping with nausea, lack of sleep, and other symptoms.

Why Use Sonus Complete?

Sonus Complete has a ton of benefits from stress to anxiety to depression and irritability relief.

Another good reason why you should use the supplement is that it doesn’t have any side effects- there are no reported instances of harm on people who have already purchased the supplement.

In addition to that, Sonus Complete helps to improve your brain and neural tissues hence strengthening your entire nervous system.

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Sonus Complete Ingredients

The product claims to consist of natural ingredients that prompted us to find out more.

In our investigation, we found that the product is made with ingredients you cannot get on any dietary supplement out there.

Here are the powerful and natural ingredients of Sonus Complete.


A bigger part of the dietary supplement is vitamins which include Vitamin C, B3, B6, and Vitamin B12.

Here is what each type of vitamin achieves when aiding with tinnitus relief.

Vitamin C- This type of vitamin helps to boost your bone health. It boosts iron absorption and increases erythrocytes in the blood.

Vitamin B3- This type of vitamin helps to boost the circulation of blood to the inner ear to help decrease the inflammation and pain.

Vitamin B6 and B12- The two vitamins help to boost the quality of hearing.


Sonus Complete also contains berries that have been used as traditional remedies in countries like China and many others for many years.

They include:

Juniper Berry- Juniper is a famous anti-inflammatory herb that helps to boost brain health. The berry contains antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Hawthorn Berry- The berry helps to treat the underlying cause of tinnitus. It has other health benefits such as the reduction of high blood pressure and aids with heart-related problems.

Hibiscus Berry- The berry contains antioxidants and has medicinal properties that help to prevent liver damage, strengthen the nervous system.

Hawthorn and Hibiscus berries are mixed to help with the fast relief of tinnitus.

Other incredible ingredients of Sonus Complete include olive oil, garlic, green tea, Uva Ursi, and Bucha leaves.

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Sonus Complete Review- Who is The Supplement for?

If you struggle with constant buzzing, ringing, or roaring sounds in your head then Sonus Complete is for you.

The product is not recommended for children though and is available online.

It’s also a cost-effective natural solution for tinnitus.

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Where To Buy Sonus Complete and What’s The Price?

Sonus Complete is available through the company’s official website. This helps to prevent scammers.

The product is available in three cost-effective deals:

  • Basic – $69 per bottle with free shipping.
  • Premium – $49 per bottle with free shipping.
  • Standard- $59 per bottle with free shipping.
Sonus Complete pricing

You can also go with their standard offer of 3 bottles at $177. Their premium offer for 6 bottles is $294.

The product comes with a 60-days money-back assurance.

How Does Sonus Complete Work?

The creator of the supplement argues that tinnitus is caused by the damaged auditory cortex- the small section of the bran. The part of the brain responsible for the processing of sound signals.

Now when this part is damaged, the brain cannot process sound signals properly hence and that’s why you hear buzzing or ringing sounds.

The product helps in repairing this part so your brain can start processing sound signals correctly.

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How To Use Sonus Complete

Sonus Complete is a health-boosting supplement that’s easy to use. It’s not an in-ear drop supplement but is in the form of soft gel capsules you just need to swallow.

Each container of the supplement contains 60 capsules and you’re required to take 2 capsules per day with a glass of water.

A bottle will last for 30 days.

After three to four days of taking the supplement, the buzzing sounds will start to disappear.

The capsules can be taken with any other medicines but be sure to consult your doctor before combining Sonus Complete with other medications.

Is It Safe To Use? Are There Any Side-effects?

Sonus Complete is made with all-natural and rare ingredients. The ingredients are correctly measured to produce a single yet powerful supplement.

The supplement is, therefore, safe to use. All the ingredients have been tested in approved laboratories.

There are no side effects reported so far.

As mentioned, be sure to consult with your doctor before you start using this supplement especially if you have certain allergies.

Sonus Complete Pros and Cons

Sonus Complete has a ton of benefits for people suffering from tinnitus.

First of all, the supplement is made with a combination of organic ingredients that play a significant role in repairing your damaged auditory cortex and eliminating tinnitus.

The supplement also helps to boost the nervous system.

According to the creators of this supplement, it can also help with the growth of brain cells and strengthening your memory power.

Other benefits of Sonus Complete include improved confidence and sleep, improved cognitive abilities, reduced stress, and anxiety, etc.

On the flip side, the supplement is only available online and is not recommended for children.

Money-Back Policy

The creators of Sonus Complete are confident about their product and that’s why they accompany it with a 60-days money-back policy.

If you don’t see any noticeable results within 60 days of using the supplement, you can contact their support and ask for a refund of your money.

Final Word- Is Sonus Complete Worth the Money?

To wrap up our Sonus Complete review…

No one can understand the frustrations of hearing constant buzzing sounds than the person suffering from tinnitus.

Worse, it’s not possible to stop the constant hissing and roaring sounds in your ears with scientific medications.

Thankfully, Sonus Complete can help to provide relief with tinnitus.

The supplement will not only eradicate the constant noise you hear in your ears but will also repair your brain cells and aid with overall brain health in just three to four days of using it as recommended.

The supplement contains a blend of organic ingredients that help with different problems all of which contribute to the elimination of the constant ringing sounds in your ears.

And before you go, the product is economical and comes with a 60-days money-back guarantee.

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