Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review: A Detailed Review of The Bodyweight Sequence That Help To Loosen Your Tight Hip Flexors

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Welcome to our Unlock Your Hip Flexors review where you’re going to learn more about a revolutionary program that helps to release tight hip flexors and unlock your full potential.

Do you struggle with lower back pain when standing? Do you have difficulties standing up straight? Are you constantly feeling pain in the glutes or neck?

If so then that’s an indication you have short or tight hip flexors.

Tight hip flexors are a come problem among athletes or people who spend most of their time sitting.

Unfortunately, even physicians and therapists are yet to establish an effective way to fix tight hip flexors.

It’s tricky.

Yes, it’s easy to know you have tight hip flexors but fixing the condition is no easy thing.

And most of the expert videos on YouTube will make loosening of tight hip flexors sound like an easy thing but it isn’t that easy.

In fact, if you do it wrong, you could end up worsening the condition.

Releasing tight hip flexors requires a sequence of exercises.

This way, you can fix and unpack the psoas muscle the right way.

The good news is that you can learn how to unlock and loosen your tight hip muscles on your own.

Yes, you heard that well.

You don’t need an expert to show you how to release your tight hip flexors.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Hip Flexors?

The muscles that connect your upper and lower body on your hips

Hip flexors are the important muscles found at the front of your hips that control movement and balance- They control twisting sitting, walking, stepping, standing, or bending.

They are usually buried deep within your abdomen and that’s perhaps why it’s not easy to fix tight hip flexors, no matter how you stretch.

These muscles may become weak, short, or tighten due to certain situations -when you sit for a long period or due to poor sleep posture. Stress and tension can also affect these muscles.

Tightening or shortening of your hip flexors can lead to several health problems such as:

  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Discomfort when walking.
  • Poor blood circulation.
  • Decreased sexual performance.
  • Lower back or hips pains.
  • Weak immune system, etc.

So, when you realize that you have tight hip flexors, you need to find ways on how to release or loosen them as earlier as you can to avoid suffering from the above health issues.

But why is stretching not helping to fix your tight hip flexors?

Stretching can help with tight hip flexors, but you need to know how exactly to do it. And this is the trickiest part of unlocking and unpacking your tight hip flexors.

Enter Unlock Your Hip Flexors:

The creator of Unlock Your Hip Flexors claims that through various hip flexor exercises, you can deal with back and joint pain, and also improve posture.

That said, let’s get into details of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review: Overview

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a program designed to deal with different health problems originating from hips. The program is designed with easy to follow guides and video tutorials to help you release your stiff hip flexors and improve your overall health.

No prescription medication is required.

You just need to follow an easy and well-outlined exercise routine to unlock, repair and strengthen your hip flexors.

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Who is the Creator of Unlock My Hips?

Unlock My Hips is the workings of Mike Westerdal, a national best-selling fitness author, sports nutrition specialist and personal trainer who also contributes content to popular publications like Iron Man magazine and CriticalBench.com.

Mike has also teamed up with Rick Kaselj, a Kinesiologist and Injury Specialist to teach people through their Unlock Your Hip Flexors program.

The program will show you 10 key exercises to release your tight hip flexors and unlock your full potential.

The moves take around 10 to 15 minutes.

Some of the moves you will learn include:

PNF Stretching

PNF is an abbreviation of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and is an exercise that helps to relax your tight joint muscles.

Dynamic Stretching

After relaxing the muscle surrounding your joint, dynamic stretching will help to activate it, improve blood circulation around that area, and warm up the muscles.

3-Dimensional Core Stability Exercises

This type of stretching helps to activate and strengthen the core abdominal muscles.

Mobility Exercises

This movement works the joint. The exercise is meant to improve joint performance hence enabling it to move freely.

Fascia Stretching

This exercise is meant to work the tissue surrounding the muscles to release and lengthen the fascia.

Muscle Activation Movements

Even though people are advised not to do prolonged sitting, it’s not easy, given that some work requires one to sit. In the end, many muscles are affected by prolonged sitting.

Now, this technique helps to activate those muscles that aren’t functional as a result of prolonged sitting so your body can move freely and efficiently.

This is just a snippet of what movements you can expect when you get the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program.

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What You Will Learn In the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program

Inside the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, you will learn a ton of information such as:

  • How to work the core muscles through easy-to-follow video exercises by Rick you can do anywhere at anytime
  • How your body’s core muscle can impact your overall wellbeing both physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • How to lose weight fast and improve energy.
  • What causes your psoas muscle to become weak, tighten, or change structure- which is an indication of some dangers in your body.
  • Why sitting is not good and what you should do.
  • The reason your hard exercises could be adding more dangers to your hip health.
  • Why you need to strengthen your legs and glutes to improve your overall wellbeing.
  • Why stopping sitting won’t help, etc.

The Benefits of Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors will help you achieve the following:

Benefits of using Unlock Your Hip Flexors
  • Improved digestion.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Improved circulation.
  • Better digestion.
  • Increase sexual performance.
  • More energy
  • Reduced anxiety and tension.

The Content of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program

What’s included inside the Unlock Your Hip Flexors.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD Video

The DVD video teaches you how to tackle the core psoas muscle.

The video is also split into two sections. Section one of the video is done by Rick teaches you a range of exercises and the best way to do those movements.

The second section of the DVD video lets you do what you have learned in the first part of the video.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Manual

The detailed manual teaches you everything about the psoas muscle and its impact on your overall well-being when it becomes tight or short.

Descriptions of each exercise are made with clear pictures so that you don’t do the wrong thing.

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review- Bonuses Included

Included inside the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program are two incredible bonuses for you to get the most out of the program

You don’t pay anything extra here.

Bonus 1: Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings

The last thing you want to have in your hips is muscle tears.

And this is something everyone is more likely to have given that people are involved in different work and some people spend most of their time sitting.

Prolonged sitting is said to cause tightness in the hamstrings. And this can affect your hips and pelvis hence leading to lower back pain and poor posture.

While a quick sports massage can help with this, in most cases, it doesn’t do an effective job.

The Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings is a routine that takes a few minutes to loosen and improve muscle condition.

The routine will also help to improve posture and ease lower back pain.

Bonus 2: The 7-Day Anti-Inflammation Diet

Of course, as you fix your tight hip flexors, you also need to eat the right foods. The 7-Day Anti-Inflammation Diet shows you what foods to eat that could help to stimulate your natural healing system.

The foods will help in nourishing torn muscles and alleviate pains.

The diet program will show you how to plan your meals and supplement tips to help your muscles to heal fast.

Is Unlock Your Hip Flexors Legit?

Before you download any paid program online, you want to make sure you aren’t getting scammed. You also want to make sure you’re buying a product that will help you and not cause more harm- and this is especially important for health products.

All of the products we review in this blog are backed by many hours of research from different health sources.

We did extensive research before we compiled this Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review. And coupled with reviews from people who have already used the product, you rest assured of a genuine product once you order yours.

Here are a few words by people who have already used this program.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review customer reviews
Unlock Your Hip Flexors reviews

The product is also approved by physical and massage therapists such as:

Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is approved by physical therapists
What Massage Therapist say about Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Pricing

The regular price for the Unlock Your Hip Flexors is $50 but if you buy it now, you will pay $10 only.

The price is inclusive of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD Video and Manual, plus the two bonuses.

Think about how much you would pay had you sought consultation with your physician

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review: FAQ

Where are hip flexors located?

Hip flexors are the movable muscle tissues located in front of your hips near the tip of your thigh and pelvis. They allow you to bend, step, twist your waist, and do all types of movements. Sitting too long or overstretching these muscles could make them tight or short hence limiting your movement.

What is the psoas muscle?

Psoas muscle is one of the most important muscles in your body.

Also pronounced as SO-as, this muscle is located in the lower lumbar region and helps to flex the hip joint so you can lift your legs freely.

It’s the one that helps you to walk.

Typically, your psoas muscles are involved when biking, practicing yoga, or running.

These muscles connect your torso and legs.

What sets Unlock Your Hip Flexors apart from other programs?

Part of the reasons why Rick’s program is unique is that it’s designed to deal with the core muscle that no other programs or medication can fix.

The program also shares a range of exercises to help you fix your tight hip flexors from different angles.

How long does it take to see results?

Ideally, different people will get different results at varying times.

Some of the people who have used this program have seen results immediately after completing their first session.

This question depends entirely on your body; and how fast you can do the movements.

How long does it take to complete the movements?

The program takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

However, the creator of the program recommends integrating it into your daily routine to get lasting results.

You can do these exercises before or after your gym session.

Who is the program designed for?

The program is designed for anyone suffering from the lower back, hip, neck, and joint pain.

If you notice the symptoms we mentioned earlier in this article, then this program is suitable for you.

The good news is that the movements aren’t hard.

How long does it take to have the program?

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a digital product that’s sent right away to your email once you make the payments. There are no shipping fees to worry about.

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What if the program doesn’t work for you?

Unlock Your Hip Flexors comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, you can ask for a refund of your money.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Money-Back guarantee

As you can see, the creator is sure the program will work for you and that’s why he stands with it 110%.

The Final Verdict

This Unlock Your Hip Flexors aims at assuring you that this product is safe and 100% natural solution for different health problems both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The manual is easy to follow and the videos are easy to understand.

Besides, the exercises are also easy to do.

And before you go, it also comes with a 60-day money-back policy.

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